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Vermont Student Loans Resources

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Vermont Student Loans

The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation offers students two generous grant programs they can apply for when entering college. The programs include the Vermont Incentive Grant, the Vermont Part-Time Grant, and the Vermont Non-Degree Grant.

Vermont Incentive Grant
Vermont students who do not have an undergraduate degree and plan to attend college full time are eligible for the Vermont Incentive Grant. Based on a studentís financial need, the grant program offers awards ranging between $500 and $9,000. Unlike many state-backed programs, the award can be utilized at schools across the United States. Students can apply by filling out a Financial Aid Packet for Vermont Students. Applications are available through the VSAC and any Vermont high school or college. The package includes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is also used by students applying for government financial aid via the U.S. Department of Education.

Vermont Part-Time Grant
Students seeking their undergraduate degree or eligible certification can apply for a part time grant through the VSAC. This grant program is for students taking 12 credits or less per semester. Students can not have already obtained a bachelorís degree. Awards are based on financial need. The award amount is dependent upon the amount of credit hours the student plans to enroll. Applications are available at all Vermont colleges and the VSAC.

Vermonters can also apply for a private student loan to help cover their academic expenses.

VT Student Loans issuers:

  • Bank of America (806746) - Brea, CA. 800-344-8382. Federal Stafford, PLUS Loans
  • Cape Cod Cooperative Bank (826942) - Yarmouth Port, MA. 508-362-3242. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Century Bank & Trust Company (821818) - Medford, MA. 781-393-4697. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • National City Bank New Hampshire (807329) - Manchester, NH. 800-708-6684. (Stafford, PLUS Loan for Parents )
  • CollegeCredit/TIAA - The College Board (830310) - New York, NY. 800/831-5626. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Nellie Mae (829076) - Braintree, MA. 800/634-9308. Private student loans for college.
  • University Credit Union (827305) - Orono, ME. 207-581-1458. Stafford loan, PLUS loans
  • Wrentham Co-Operative Bank (826640) - Wrentham, MA. 508-384-6101. Stafford Loans, PLUS loan

U.S. Department of Education's Website for Vermont,   lists information for kindergarten through graduate studies, as well as policy papers and press releases -- so it's a bit overwhelming. But the links are useful, including the one that allows you to file your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on-line. You might also want to take a look at the section for anyone thinking of going, or going back to college.

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Vermont Non-Degree Grants
Another financial aid exception in the state of Vermont is its non-degree grant program. Students not seeking a degree but that are enrolled in a course that will improve their employability can apply for the grant. Like the other grants, this one is also based on financial need. Awards range up to $700. Applicants can apply through Vermont Department of Employment Training offices and vocational centers. The VSAC also has application packets on hand.