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Parents can also qualify through the U.S. Department of Education for PLUS Loan so they can assist with paying their dependent's college tuition, room and board and other associated fees. PLUS Loans require credit approval and, unlike the federal Stafford loan, repayment begins within 60 days of the funds being released to the school.

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Tennessee Student Loan Resources

Tennessee College Loans
  • Our updated 2014-2105 publication of active private student loan lenders is now on this page.

As Tennessee students plan to graduate from high school and take on a collegiate career, the question of how to pay for college is raised. Thanks to the Direct Loan Program, students can relax a little when it comes to funding their higher education and other associated costs.

The Direct Loan Program is available to all students who plan to attend an accredited school or university half time or more. Whether you want to go to school at the University of Memphis or the Chattanooga State Technical Community College, a student loan is available to you.

The Direct Loan Program is backed by the U.S. Department of Education. Borrowers must first fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive a loan proposal. Students who demonstrate financial need may also be awarded a state or federal grant by simply applying for a loan. In some cases, for those who apply in January you can receive both grants along with a student loan.

To qualify for personal student loans, borrowers must have U.S. citizenship and maintain a specified grade-point average. Loans are applied for on a yearly basis and increase in amount each year. Both undergraduates and graduates can borrow money for tuition, textbooks, housing, student fees, and other school-related costs. Depending on financial need, borrowers may also qualify for a subsidized (interest-free) loan.

Tennessee State University System, University of Tennessee, and all college student loans in Tennessee BY TELEPHONE :

  • AMS Education Loan Trust (833067) - Swansea, MA. 800-637-3060. ( Federal Stafford, PLUS Loans )
  • AmSouth Bank (810612) - Jackson, MS. 800-858-7822. ( Federal Stafford, PLUS Loans)
  • Bank of America (806746) - Brea, CA. 800-344-8382. ( Stafford, PLUS Loan)
  • Bank One, NA (805156) - Fishers, IN. 800-487-4400. ( Staford Loans, PLUS Loans)
  • Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Co. (827057) - Atlanta, GA. 404/266-5703. ( Stafford Loan, PLUS)
  • CollegeCredit/TIAA - The College Board (830310) - New York, NY. 800-831-5626. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • First Farmers and Merchants National Bank (810617) - Columbia, TN. 931-380-8261. ( Stafford Loans, PLUS)
  • Guaranty Bank and Trust (804657) - Kansas City, MO. 800-555-3601. (Stafford, PLUS)

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