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The Pennsylvania State Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education offers students the New Economy Technology Scholarships (NETS) to help pay for college. NETS is comprised of two scholarship awards � The Technology Scholarship and the SciTech Scholarship.

To qualify, the student must be studying in an approved technology or science field. The scholarships are only for undergraduate students and are not based on financial need. Applications are available through the Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education and should be submitted to the Community Education Council Grant for approval. Awards are granted on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner the student applies, the better.

The NETS program was founded to address the state�s need to educate and retain highly trained experts in the Pennsylvania workforce. Students who receive one of the scholarships are required to work full-time in Pennsylvania, serving one year for each year of assistance they received.

Interestingly, NETS is the only student aid assistance offered to Pennsylvania students on a state level. Therefore, students who are not interested in technology have no hope of receiving state aid. Instead, to pay for college, they can seek funding through the U.S. Department of Education and private Pennsylvania student loan lenders.


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Pennsylvania Student Loan Resources

Pennsylvania College Loans, NEW Lenders:
  • Visit our private student loan lenders page

    To apply for a federal loan, students are required to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The government hosts a variety of loan programs, some of which are based on financial need. The federal loan programs tend to offer lower interest rates then private student loan programs. However, some students find themselves in need of a private college loan even after they are awarded federal funds.

    Private Pennsylvania student loans are taken out through private lenders. In order to qualify for a private loan, the borrower (which can be the student or a parent) must pass a credit history check.

    To learn more about federal and private student loans, check out the lenders below.

  • Bank of Lancaster County, N.A. (812873) - East Petersburg, Pennsylvania. . Federal Stafford, PLUS Loans
  • Bryn Mawr Trust Company (812910) - Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania . 610-581-4837. Federal Stafford, PLUS loan
  • Commercial National Bank (813411) - Latrobe, Pennsylvania  412537-9952. Stafford Loans
  • CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union (824264) - Alexandria, VA. 703-823-5211 or 800-424-3334. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Community Bank (810010) - Carmichaels, PA. 412-627-3134. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Community Banks, N.A. (810012) - Millersburg, PA. 717-875-3221. Stafford, PLUS loan
  • Community Savings Bank (828844) - McKeesport, PA. 412-664-8752. (Federal Stafford Loans, PLUS)
  • Dollar Bank (822583) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . 800-438-0270. Federal Stafford Loans, PLUS
  • Fidelity Savings Bank (825071) - Pittsburgh, PA. 412-931-4300. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • First Federal - Bucks County (813503) - Bristol, Pennsylvania . 215-788-3344. (Stafford, PLUS Loans)
  • Mid - State Bank & Trust Co. (809312) - Altoona, Pennsylvania . 814-946-6669. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Nazareth National Bank & Trust (809827) - Nazareth, Pennsylvania . 610-861-7960. (Stafford Loan, PLUS)
  • Northern Central Bank (809835) - Williamsport, PA. 570-327-2116. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Old Forge Bank (822609) - Old Forge, PA. 570-457-8345. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Omega Bank (813409) - State College, Pennsylvania . 814-231-4525. (Stafford Loans, PLUS
  • Parkvale Savings Bank (816027) - Monroeville, PA. 412-373-4838. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (828893) - Harrisburg, PA. 717-777-2307. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Peoples State Bank (809874) - Wyalusing, PA. 570-746-1011. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • PEOPLES BANK, A Codorus Valley Co. (813419) - Glen Rock, PA. 717-846-1970. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Pioneer American Bank, N.A. (810049) - Carbondale, PA. 570-282-2662. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Prime Bank (822612 / F04400) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. . (Federal Stafford Loans, PLUS)
  • Quakertown National Bank (The) (809965) - Quakertown, PA. 215-538-5610. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Reeves Bank (823979) - New Brighton, PA. 412-843-2650. Stafford, PLUS loans
  • Wayne Bank (830310-0625) - Honesdale, PA. 570-253-8525. Stafford, PLUS loan
  • West View Savings Bank (828885) - Wexford, Pennsylvania . 412-935-7170.  Federal Stafford Loans

Pennsylvania has a wide assortment of institutions serving postsecondary/higher education. The number of institutions legally authorized to grant degrees are 130 colleges and universities and 87 private licensed schools in the year 2000. 

Pennsylvania college and university schools serve approximately 600,000 students.  In addition, over 60,000 students pursuing ASB or AST degrees are enrolled in private licensed schools.

Students in the state of Pennsylvania: if you do not receive enough Federal aid to cover the total cost of education, please know you have the right to select a private student loan lender of your choosing. Take your time and compare as many as you can though. Good luck.

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