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Nevada College Loan Resources

Nevada Student Loans

  • For a complete list of private loans currently availabl online to NV students, please visit our private student loan lenders reviews

  • Contact Number for more Nevada College Loan Lenders:

  • AMS Education Loan Trust (833067) - Swansea, MA. 800-637-3060. ( Stafford loans, PLUS loans )
  • Bank of America (806746) - Brea, CA.      800/344-8382.
  • CollegeCredit/TIAA - The College Board (830310) - New York, NY. 800-831-5626. (Stafford, PLUS) 
  • Washington Mutual Bank (820043) - Seattle, WA. 800-433-2476. Stafford, PLUS loans for parents

Also try other lenders - Borrow up to $50,000 from them if your financial situation calls for it. See our online lenders list.

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Loans for college and post grad students in Nevada: This page lists college lender's websites and telephone numbers. Also find online applications for Nevada school loans available for review, comparison. Apply by telephone or online. Pre approval in as little as 15 minutes in some cases.