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   Alternative Student Loans for College Education


Nebraska College Loan Resources

Private loan lenders providing financing to Nebraska college students and parents are listed in our Editor's College Lender Reviews section.

Other borrowing options include:

  • Bank of America (806746) -. 800/344-8382. ( Federal Stafford)
  • Commerce Bank (813979-001) - St. Louis, MO. 800/666-3910. (Stafford Loans, PLUS)
  • SAC Federal Credit Union (808521) - Omaha, NE. 402/292-8000 x287. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Bank Of Nebraska : Omaha branches - (402) 537-7140 (personal loans/lines of credit)

If you're looking for an institution that provides a certain major or you want to assess the cost of attending a particular postsecondary institution, you should consult with the National Center for Educational Statistics' College Opportunities. COOL contains information on 9,000 postsecondary institutions nation-wide, providing you with enrollments, tuition and fees, and degree completers statistics for most institutions.

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Alternative private student loan offers are still available to colleges students from or who are studying in Nebraska, seeking a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning