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Michigan Student Loan Resources

Michigan Student Loans

  • Bay Governmental Credit Union (813132) - Bay City, MI. 517-892-6088. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Bell Com Credit Union (828064) - Grand Rapids, MI. 616-243-0125. Stafford, PLUS loan, Grad Plus
  • Co-op Services Credit Union (829144) - Livonia, MI. 313-522-3700 x229. Stafford loans
  • Comerica Bank (805979) - Detroit, MI. 800/345-6232
  • Community First Bank (831816) - Lansing, MI. 517-374-3589. Federal Stafford loan, Grad PLUS
  • D&N Bank  Hancock, MI. 906-487-6233. Federal Stafford, PLUS, Federal
  • National City - Borrow Up to 40K, Private Student Loans. Preliminary Approval In As Little As 15 Minutes, & Receive Your Check In As Few As 5 Business Days.

Michigan State University - University of Michigan - Michigan Higher Education Student Loan Authority
State Department of Treasury
P.O. Box 30051
Lansing, MI 48909
(888) 643-7521

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Top two Michigan Colleges by enrollment size include Michigan State University, University of Michigan.

Michigan college students and parents sometimes overlook all the options when selecting their lender for non-federal aid. Search and compare bank loan products and read the fine print when applying. Check out local credit union rates, as well as major national lenders.