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   Alternative Student Loans for College Financial Aid


Iowa Student Loan Resources

Iowa College Student Loans

Iowa Student Loans

Iowa students who want to pursue a college education may find themselves struggling to pay for their academic goals. A common way students manage to foot the bill is through the U.S. Department of Education�s loan and grant programs.

To apply for federal funding via the Federal Pell Grant or Direct Loan Program a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filled and submitted by the student. The FAFSA can be filed via the Internet at the U.S. Department of Education�s Web site.  The application collects a significant amount of personal and financial information on both the student and his or her parents/guardians. Funding is available through Federal Direct Loans for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Federal Pell Grant, however, is only awardable to undergraduate students.

Students having a hard time cover their expenses even after receiving federal assistance may also consider taking out a private Iowa student loan. While private loans are not always as attractive as federally-backed loans, they can help make ends meet when it comes to federal awards and education expenses. Private student loans also feature faster approval rates and usually allow borrowers to withdrawal larger amounts of money then the federal loans.

To qualify for a student loan, the borrower must plan on attending an accredited school such as Cornell College or Des Moines University. A complete list of approved colleges can be obtained through your high school counselor or college financial aid office. Borrowers must also enroll for at least half-time each term, be a U.S. citizen, and actively pursue a degree or approved certification.

The opportunity for Iowa students to achieve higher-education is available to those who want it. Monetary aid can be obtained through a fairly easy process via the government. To learn more about Iowa student loans, consider a local lender:

  • American Heritage National Bank (806295) - Long Prairie, MN. 612-732-6131. Stafford, PLUS Loan
  • AMS Education Loan Trust (833067) - Swansea, MA. 800-637-3060. Stafford, PLUS
  • Bellevue State Bank (820753) - Bellevue, IA. 319-872-4911. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Brenton Bank, N.A. (804145) - West Des Moines, Iowa . 800-820-0088. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • National City State Bank (803928) - Sheldon, Iowa . 712-324-2519. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Commercial Savings Bank (803943) - Carroll, Iowa . 712-792-4346. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Du Trac Community Credit Union (829003) - Dubuque, IA. 800-475-1331. (Stafford, PLUS)
  • Medfunds (831654) - Cleveland, OH. 800-665-1016. ( medical student loans.
  • National City Bank of Michigan/Illinois (802828) - Morton, IL. 800-622-5097. Stafford, PLUS Private
  • R.I.A. Federal Credit Union (829033) - Bettendorf, Iowa . 319-355-3800. Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, private loan
  • Security Bank (804191) - Marshalltown, Iowa . 515-754-5555. Stafford, PLUS, Private Loans
  • Security Bank Jasper-Poweshiek (817472) - Sully, Iowa . 515-594-4400. Stafford, PLUS, Private

Copyright 2008, Alternative student loans for college education. Revised 2008. All Iowa lenders are approved by editorial before listing. Tip: Check with your local credit unions to see if you can get a better deal.