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   Alternative Student Loans for College Financial Aid


District of Columbia Student Loans, Resources

2015 District of Columbia College Loan options;

Offering Washington D.C. student loans, dc student loan options to students at accredited four year colleges and universities, including post graduate studies:

  • All first Bank 800-721-2265. Stafford Loans, PLUS loan
  • AMS Education Loan Trust (833067) - Swansea, MA. 800-637-3060. Federal Stafford Loans, PLUS Parent Loan
  • Bank of America student loans  800-344-8382.  Stafford Loan, PLUS Loan, private student loan
  • Fleet National Bank (805243) - Worcester, MA. 800-235-3385. Federal Stafford loan, Grad PLUS, private
  • Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union (828379) - Oakton, Virginia. 703-934-8350 ext. 2883. College, PLUS Loan & These credit based loans:‚Äč
  • SallieMae : Smart Option Student Loan

  • cuStudentLoans : cuScholar student loans

  • SimpleTuition : Private student loan marketplace

  • Wells Fargo - Private education financing

To learn more about no-borrowing education opportunities offered by the District of Columbia, select from the following:

DC 529 College Savings Plan: Earnings used for qualified higher education expenses are free of federal taxes.

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Tip for DC Parents of tomorrow's students:

The District of Columbia features a tax plan available to DC city residents, parents for potential students. Residents living just outside of Washington, DC do qualify, however, DC Residents do receive preferred pricing, lower interest rates for DC 529 College savings plan participation as well as District tax benefits and deductions.