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California College Loans for California Students

California Student Loans

If you want to go to college in paradise, you might consider giving a university in California a try. Students who attend college in California have more than 40 schools to choose from, including the popular University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA and USC. No matter what degree choose to pursue, or which lender you'll borrow from; going to college in California will pay you back with memories and intellect

Students and parents more often than not turn to private college financing to meet tht total cost of college education in 2015. Lenders active in providing student loans to California students include:

The question of financing your collegiate venture in Cali must be addressed. With the assistance of the U.S. Department of Education financial aid programs, then private loans for college expenses Federal aid does not cover, attending a California-based college may very well be within your reach. 

The Stafford Loan Program is accessible to all students who plan to attend an accredited school or university at least-half time. The program is backed by the United States Department of Education. Borrowers must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive a loan. As an added value, students who demonstrate financial need may also be awarded a federal grant when applying for funding.

Borrowers must have U.S. citizenship and maintain satisfactory academic performance to qualify for a Stafford Loan. Loans are applied for on an annual basis and increase in amount each year. Undergraduate and graduate students can borrow funds for school. Depending on financial need, borrowers may also qualify for a subsidized loan.

State of California Student Aid Commission
P.O. Box 419026
Ranchero Cordova, CA 95741
FAX: 526-8002

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California students can apply for a private loan through a veriety of lenders, banks and credit unions. This option often helps to cover educational expenses not paid for by grants, scholarships or federally-backed loans.