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Alabama Student Loan Resources

Alabama Student Loans

State Resources

State of Alabama Financial Aid Programs - information about student aid programs handled by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, and for information about aid programs offered by other state departments and agencies.

Additional Student Loan Sources for Alabama Students

American Express Educational Loans (833289) - San Diego, CA. 800-814-4595. (Stafford, PLUS, private student loans
Bank of America (806746) - Brea, CA. 800-344-8382. (Stafford, PLUS, private student loans
Medfunds (831654) - Cleveland, OH. 800-665-1016. (Stafford)
Nellie Mae (829076) - Braintree, MA. 800634-9308.
Whitney National Bank (805148) - Jefferson, LA. 504-838-4455. (Stafford, PLUS Loans

All college lenders approved before being listed. Alabama college students are encouraged to learn the many lending options available to them. .


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