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Student Loan Lenders offering 2015 - 2015 Private student loans:

LendKey Formerly CU Student Loans, LendKey offers private financing for tuition and the cost of education including everyday college costs and school related expenses


SallieMae : offers the Smart Option Private Student Loan when federal aid and direct loans do not cover total cost of a student’s education.


Wells Fargo - Private education loans for students and parents.


Citizens Bank - TRUFIT Student Loan

No application, origination or disbursement fees. Interest rates below 3% for Eligible Applicants. Recommend applying with a qualified co-signer.


SLFC - Student Loan Finance Corp offers iHELP private student loan and iHELP consolidation loan; both of which are sponsored by ICBA

Borrower or co-signer must be creditworthy, with a minimum of three years positive credit history. A minimum annual income of $18,000 + (for the past two years) id required from borrower or cosigner. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $100,000 for Undergraduate students and up to $150,000 for graduate students. Review the complete SLFC List of RATES AND FEES


Discover : Discover provides families with a suite of private  student loan products under year and area of study.


SunTrust : Offering Custom Choice private loans for higher education costs.


SimpleTuition : Offers a searchable marketplace to find private loans for college and higher educational institutions.


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Student loan lenders listed are among the some of the most trusted lenders on the internet. They feature low, competitive interest rates, helpful customer service. We feature a state section where local banks, some credit unions and private loan lenders are listed to add additional consideration to your choice.

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