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Private Loan Consolidation | Consolidating Loans

Consolidating student loans does not need to be a complicated process. We advise going with a well established lender, when you are ready vs. filling out something that randomly came to you in the mail. The fact is you have the right to choose your desired consolidation lender.

We have listed several top rated, ethical consolidators across this site and are highlighting one selected lender each month.


Private Student Loan Consolidation - 2014 option

Consolidating private student loans can lower monthly payments and lock in to a lower fixed APR. One company specializing in low interest rate consolidation is cuStudentLoans, a group of national not-for-profit credit unions. Sign up for their free membership, which takes 2 minutes. Complete an online form and receive a response of credit union loan consolidation offers available to you... Read more on cu Student Loans...

NOTE: In order to consolidate either Federal or Private student loans you must be graduating within six months or have already graduated or left college.






Frequently requested Student Loan Companies in 2014