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STUDENT TIP : Understand that a private student loan is not the same as Federal Loans. Government backed Federal college loans are often better than private funding because interest rates are usually lower. Regardless of the type of loan you borrow, it is important to exhaust all student financial aid options in the form of grants and scholarships before deciding on taking out a student loan. Borrow responsibly by applying informed, knowing about all fees and costs associated with the student loan you've chosen.

The most common type of student loan is the Stafford Loan and it carries a low interest rate. Alternative student loans are credit based and must be repaid - often starting six months after college graduation.

Students have a greater chance of approval for a private student loan if they apply with a co-signer. Private student loans can be applied to most all college related expenses, including books, tuition, room and board, rent and travel. Again, to increase you chances of approval for a private college loan apply with a cosigner with good credit, such as a parent or relative.

Alternative Student Loans for College Financial Aid

Hello, students and parents! Welcome to the Student-Loans.Net 2014-15 winter guide to private student loans. You'll find collegiate lenders offering alternative loans for college education and related expenses.

The banks and companies listed below are now offering multiple private student loan options for the 2014 and 2015 quarters/semesters. Compare lenders, Review private loan offers and Apply online or by phone:

SimpleTuition : Offers alternative loans for higher education and private  loan consolidation programs.

LendKey Formerly, CU Student Loans, a National group of Credit Unions offering Private financing for college in addition to private consolidation loans.  1-888-549-9050

SallieMae : offers an alternative to federal aid and loans with the Smart Option Student Loan. 1-888-2-SALLIE

Wells Fargo - Private education loans for undergraduate and graduate  students. 1-800-658-3567

Discover : Discover offers student loan products for Undergraduates, Graduates, Healthcare, Law, Bar, MBA, Residency and more.  1-877-728-3030

SunTrust : Offering undergraduate and graduate students Custom Choice Loans, a private loan for higher education costs  1-800-552-3006

PNC Bank: The PNC Solution Loan™Private loan, available to undergraduates, graduates / professionals, health; and  funds for law school, medical residency and relocation.

Union Federal Private Loans : 1-866-513-8445


Find Private Student Loan Lenders by State:

Student Loan Types

Going on to further your education can be daunting. You need to evaluate all of the options you have available and carefully review the interest rates and terms of every type of loan. Below are several options available to you as you search for how to deal with financing your higher education Direct Loans

There are different varieties of loan types for college. Each is highlighted below.

Stafford Loan
There are two kinds of Stafford loans available to students. Students with need qualify for the subsidized loans, and their institute of learning determines eligibility and the amount. The government pays the interest on Stafford loans that are subsidized.

Students that do not show need are eligible for unsubsidized loans. Loans are paid as the student goes, as in the student is responsible for paying the interest. If interest is not paid while the student is attending, this interest is accrued and adds to the total amount of the loan.
Plus Loan

The Direct Plus loan is to help students cover expenses as they are attending school and to cover unforeseen circumstances. The interest rate for these loans is fixed at 7.9 percent and is dependent upon the borrower’s credit.

Perkins Loan
The Federal Perkins loan is loaned by the school a student attends, and comes from the government. The loan is a 5 percent loan and is for students with financial need that exceeds that of typical students. The funds come directly from the institute the student attends and is paid out a minimum of twice her academic year, typically by check.

There are no charges for the Federal Perkins loan outside of late charges or late penalties for skipping payment. An amount equaling up to $5,500 is possible for every undergraduate year of study. $8000 is available for graduate students and your financial need, time or application determines the amount that is received. Payment is required to begin nine months after graduation, or the student leaves school.


Alternative loans | Basic Information and tutorial.

Our free guide makes the process of finding a private school loan quick, fast, secure and responsible. Private student loans fill a gap between a student's total college expenses and their awarded financial aid, aka your Financial Aid Award Letter, from filing out the FAFSA at Fafsa.Ed.Gov; FAFSA stands for "Free Application for Federal Student Aid." Many students and parents take out an alternative student loan to pay for most all college expenses. Tuition loans don't cover every day college expenses like: off campus housing, a new computer, school supplies, student car loans, transportation, student travel loans and other personal school related expenses; while Personal private loans cover these college expenses.

Student Loan Consolidations

Student loan consolidation is a refinancing method allowing borrowers to consolidate either federal, or private, college loans in to new fixed low interest rate loans. Federal direct loans are eligible for Direct loan consolidation from the U.S. Department of Eeducation, begin the process here:


Fixed Interest rate Loan and Loan Repayment Info

Private lenders do vary so please obtain loan interest rates and terms and conditions directly with your desired education loan lenders. Students often have the option to repay while still in school, depending on the school loan company. Borrowers are required to start repayment after graduation, usually 6 months after. Loan deferments are available after graduation only for Federal student loan programs. The number of federal college loan deferments is limited to four.


How do I apply for College Funding?

Apply online for a private college loan by clicking on your desired lender then filling out one of their secured loan applications. Applying online or by phone are a secure ways to complete the application on the interent.

Student loans for living expenses
A loan for living expenses cover the expenses a student will incur in college. No credit student loans are known as Stafford. We list direct quick fast student loans from only trusted, private lenders and established college loan companies as well as credit unions and local bank contacts by state.
All private college loans, lenders and banks are approved before publishing this free guide to alternative student loans for parents and students. If you happen to receive poor customer service from a lender please inform us on on contact us page below. For Federal student loan rate info please visit Department of Education's Student Financial Aid site located at

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